Welcome Dota Players

This site is about the Dota 2 store items. On this site, you'll find hacks/cracks  (I call  them set-engine) that will increase your Dota 2 item drop rate so that you  can  get your desired  items(equipment) as fast as possible.

*The crack works very simple. 

-First, you download the set-engine .
-After that, you put the set-engine into your dota2 folder.

-When your set-engine is placed in the Dota 2 folder, run Dota 2. So now 
you have a 60% increased chance that you will get a drop item from your chosen set-engine. 
-The set-engine will only work if you win a game.

-You don't get the 60% drop bonus when you  lose. 

Also, it's very important that you play with the same hero from witch one you've downloaded the  set-engine . 
Make sure that you win as many times as possible. 
Here on the site you're gonna find many set-engines that will drop items for a specific hero.

If you have 5 or more set-engines from different heroes in your Dota2 folder , 
then you'll have a chance of 25% whenever you destroy a uncommon 
or higher rarity item to get a Treasure Key

-If you dont get an item after 4 wins then re-edit the set-engine.

-If that doesn't help ,for further help contact me on : dota2itemdrop@gmail.com

-Please let me know if some of the set-engine's ain't working.

The set-engine is not a magical crack/hack that will help you get full set equipment in 2 games. 
It will help you get items(equipment) faster and more easier. 
You need to play to get you stuff.